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Design can shout. Design can whisper. Design can hit you bang on the nose. Whatever it takes to deliver your message while conveying your brand’s image. It’s a means to communicate, inform and entertain.

Getting the right look and design for your brand early on is crucial. It will help you give off the right signals about who you are and what you represent. The world is a confusing enough place to live in. Your image should reflect the personality and character of the product or service you provide, both physically and emotionally, and make it more desirable. And once created, you should stay true to it. Stick to your guns. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t constantly strive to keep your brand fresh. We wouldn’t suggest such a thing. Many a brand has become complacent, resting on its laurels too long, to detrimental effect.



At Panda Projects we offer a variety of services including animation, illustration,  3D modelling, character creation, and customized graphic solutions for your particular needs. Please contact us to discuss your project needs.


Website Design and Bespoke Website Development.

The web is an intrinsic element of any brand’s marketing mix. It has revolutionised communication and influences everything from the products we buy, to the holidays we go on.

The online revolution, and it is a continuing revolution, has given consumers extraordinary power. More and more ways to connect with the brands they care about and desire are being developed every day so there are a lot of brands online vying for the consumers attention.


Digital Marketing – Inbound, Content & Social Media Marketing.

We know what it takes to build and deliver a digital marketing strategy that is designed to grow your brand’s reach and have impact on your bottom line. Digital marketing isn’t about fighting for your marketing messages to be heard and generating traffic for traffics sake. We believe digital marketing is understanding who your customers are and what do they need from you then creating targeted content, supporting relevant engagement, attracting real prospects and generating more sales for your business.


The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.


We like to challenge conventions and go against the norm. Having the courage of our convictions helps us create that special magic.


Marketing is all about customers. Customers buy your products and services. The way people perceive your product or service should make them feel like royalty. After all, the customer is king.

Digital Marketing – Inbound, Content & Social Media Marketing.

Digital marketing should be at the heart of your sales and marketing plan. Embracing the new digital tools, from automated inbound marketing to social media, can be fundamental to your business growth.

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